Books by Phillip Petersen


The following books by Phillip Petersen may all be viewed online or downloaded and printed free of charge. However, a donation would be appreciated (Paypal account philpetersen@wordnet.com.au) and due acknowledgement should be made.

Diagnosis and Management of Infectious Diseases.

pdf format. Last revised February 2016.

  • Full details of causative agents, clinical and laboratory diagnosis, management, prophylaxis, prevention and control of clinical conditions, diseases and syndromes, organised by organ system.
  • Descriptions of all medically important microorganisms, including taxonomy, identification, conditions caused, pathogenesis and immune response, diagnosis and treatment, organised by taxonomic order.
  • A systematic description of agents used in treatment, including basic characteristics, uses, side-effects and contraindications, and other relevant details.
  • Notes on some laboratory procedures.

The Science of Sex. pdf format.

Sex is an essential part of human life. Scientific and historical research is daily providing more insights into its workings. The Science of Sex gives an integrated account of these insights and practical suggestions for integrating them into ones sex life.

A Piece of the Stars. pdf format.

Why would two people who claim to be aliens give plans for a supercomputer to one of Earth's top computer scientists, then try to kill him to get the plans back? And what will happen now that he has used the plans to design the computer?

The Ghost. pdf format.

The Ghost (so-called because of his ghost-writing prowess) is amazed when one of the city's biggest criminals offers him a fortune to ghost-write a book; astonished when the crook insists it be written under The Ghost's name; astounded by the arrival (despite his refusal of the contract) of an attractive young lady 'minder'; and dumbfounded by finding a police ID on her. Though events continue to confound and almost overwhelm him, he treads through a dangerous world where he can be sure of trusting no one to unravel a web of corruption and crime and emerge a changed man.

The Ghost in Hong Kong. pdf format.

Seven years ago, The Ghost was forced to flee Hong Kong after a series of incidents. Now he is back to tie up loose ends.

The Sensible Universe. pdf format.

How to make sense of the universe we perceive with our senses.

  1. How We Know
  2. Science
  3. Medicine
  4. Economics
  5. Antiscience, Junk Science, Pathological Science, and Pseudoscience
  6. The Paranormal, The Occult, the Supernatural and Other Non-scientific Ways of Looking at things
  7. Religion
  8. Ethics
  9. Philosophy
  10. Culture and the Humanities
  11. Education
  12. The Meaning of Life
  13. Conclusion(s)