Influencer marketing has taken the world by storm, creating a complete shift in the way marketers and advertisers conduct their practices. What once was the job of celebrities, the new job description known as ‘influencers’ has since taken on the practice of promoting products, using their own audience from their large social media followings. What makes them unique compared to celebrities, is that they often have a niche or category that they are known for, such as fitness & health or beauty and makeup. This factor is what makes them so unique and valuable to brands because their audience is generally already targeted. 

LinkedIn is becoming more and more valuable, allowing brands and individuals to build connections, share insights and network. Just like Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn can be a great social media platform in which businesses can find influencers and build an alliance with them. This type of influencer marketing is perfect for B2B companies who want to promote their businesses using well known career professionals. 


Take a look at the following ways in which Influencers can be found on LinkedIn:


  • Determine your position within the industry and create a list of keywords if you haven’t already done so. What do you have to offer to your industry? Are you a niche market perhaps? Once you have your keywords, conduct searches for them within LinkedIn. This search will provide you with a list of people who have used those keywords within their LinkedIn profiles. Go through that list and determine out who they are? How many connections do they have? Do they get a lot of engagement?



  • Another way to conduct your search is to search for ‘authors’ meaning those who publish content on LinkedIn. This can be done through the search bar and selecting ‘content’ which will again allow you to search for keywords. The results generated will be a list of the most popular articles that include that keyword. Again, go through that list and determine who they are, what their values are, what they do for work and what their engagement rate is like. 



  • You can also conduct your search by going through LinkedIn groups. Select ‘groups’ from the dropdown menu next to the search bar and type in the keywords that you are wanting to generate. A list of groups related to those keywords will appear. Go through the public groups (you will need to wait to be accepted for the private groups). You will be able to see who the top contributors are within the group. Click on their profiles and conduct a search on them.




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