Those working in the manufacturing marketing or industrial marketing sectors face unique challenges when trying to reach their audience in memorable, valuable ways.

Typically, meeting the needs of their target audience isn’t a straightforward process. The market is becoming increasingly competitive and volatile, so if you want to make your presence known, you’ll need to differentiate your brand and leave a lasting impact on consumers. Building a comprehensive marketing strategy can be a great way to do just that.

“Nearly 50% of organisations today do not have a clearly defined digital marketing strategy”

When individuals visit your industrial or manufacturing business’ website, they will almost always know what they’re looking for. By ensuring your online domains are easy to navigate, with a clear layout and relevant information, you’ll be able to make the most of the prospects who find your website. However, if qualified leads can’t find your online domains, or have no idea who you are, they’re not going to get to see your awesome website. This is where marketing comes into the equation.

By investing in a strong manufacturing marketing or industrial marketing strategy you can attract, engage and retain valuable leads. Want to reach new heights and start achieving your organisational objectives? Check out these following tactics and create an exceptional marketing approach of your own today.


Manufacturing Marketing & Industrial Marketing Using Google Ads

When implemented correctly, a Google Ads campaign can help your business reach an abundance of new, relevant leads. If you haven’t tried incorporating such approach in your manufacturing marketing or industrial marketing strategy, not is the time.

Effective Google Ads are shown at the top of the search results, about websites that rank well organically. This means that, when prospects are looking for the particular product you manufacture, there’s a high chance that they’ll stumble across your brand. Your ads are shown in situations where individuals have actively searched for the type of product you offer. Because of this, the prospects you attract are likely highly interested in what your business has to offer them.

Similarly to Search Engine Optimisation, Google Ads will be the most effective when you’re able to pinpoint the keywords members of your target audience use when looking for the type of product your business specialises in. Keyword research is a crucial component of this tactic, as it will help you understand your customers and their language choices – so you can get the most out of your investment.


Leveraging Email for Manufacturing Marketing & Industrial Marketing 

This may be surprising as often, manufacturing businesses aren’t closely associated with using email-marketing techniques. However, such strategy can actually be highly effective for various company types who want to establish ongoing value-driven relationships with prospects.

If an individual has shown interest in your brand, whether they’ve purchased a product from you or not, this is something you need to harness. Sending them emails is a great way to keep the relationship going, while also offering them relevant content that they’ll likely be interested in.

When you’re emailing customers, however, it’s vital that you get the frequency of your emails right. While you should definitely email prospects regularly, you don’t want to go overboard. It’s probably happened to you before; you’ve subscribed to an email list, they’ve bombarded you with content, you’ve gotten annoyed and, just as easily as you signed up, you’ve unsubscribed. That being said, if you’re only sending subscribers an update once every 6 months then, by the time you get in touch, they may no longer be interested. This is why strategically defining how regularly your business is going to email prospects is crucial.

So, how long should you wait?

This will depend on your unique organisational context but, often, organisations find that sending out a monthly newsletter suffices. But, if you do want to email more, try getting in touch with subscribers once a week and see how they respond.


Using Remarketing Tactics for Manufacturing & Industrial Marketing 

Remarketing ads target individuals who’ve previously visited your website and, ultimately, aim to reignite the initial interest users have shown in your brand.

You’ve likely experienced remarketing before; maybe you were comparing some different types of jumpers online and, ever since, keep getting advertisements for the exact products you were looking at. Remarketing can be an incredibly powerful way for your business to remind consumers of your offering and, often, can be the final push they need to follow through with a purchase.

For more information about manufacturing marketing or industrial marketing, speak with an experienced marketing specialist today.