Technology marketing and law firm marketing, they’re completely different – right?

While the product or service they offer will, of course, be drastically different, there are various instances where the marketing techniques they employ are incredibly similar. So, if you’re a technology company, a legal establishment may be applying marketing strategies that can be easily transferred to your sector and vice versa.


The Complications With Merging Technology Marketing & Law Firm Marketing

However, before giving such marketing tactics a try in your sector, it’s important to do your research (as you would with any other campaign or marketing approach). Before committing money, resources and time to a project, looking into whether it’s likely to actually be successful given your circumstances is crucial.

While a certain marketing approach may drive brilliant results for another company or establishment in your industry, there’s no guarantee it’ll harbour the same outcome when applied in your organisational context. The same can be said for strategies being used in industries outside of your own, so it’s important that you don’t try an approach simply because it’s worked well for another company.

For instance, you may have a completely different target audience you’re trying to attract, engage and convert – the tactics used by someone targeting a divergent group of individuals will likely be dissimilar to your own. The marketing tactics a law firm use may fail to resonate with the audience of a technology company and vice versa. This is definitely something to consider before applying strategies from another industry.

Furthermore, while law firms typically target consumers, many technology companies also target businesses. Thus, in some cases, they require a far greater focus on business to business marketing, which of course uses many divergent strategies.

At the end of the day, if you’re not sure whether a certain approach is for you, a great starting point is getting in touch with a law firm digital marketing or technology marketing agency.


Strategies Used in Law Firm Marketing & Technology Marketing

With all of the above being said, there are still numerous tactics that are relatively reliable to apply across both industries. Again, there’s no guarantee that they’ll work for you, so always consider how they will transfer into your specific circumstances before making a final call.


  1. The Use of Email in Technology Marketing & Law Firm Marketing

In both the technology and legal sectors, email marketing can be an incredibly effective approach to try.

Through email marketing, you can directly reach consumers and stay in contact with prospects that are still deciding whether your product or service is for them. Ultimately, it’s an ideal tactic for nurturing your existing leads, all the while providing them with engaging and relevant information.

Email marketing can come in a variety of forms, meaning that you can alter your distinct approach to suite your organisations goals. For instance, a monthly newsletter can be a great way to simply maintain contact with individuals who have expressed their interest in your offering in the past.

Alternatively, an email marketing automation may be used to contact prospects more regularly, say every week. Beyond this, you may choose to send personal messages in emails based on subscriber’s engagement with your email automation. Maybe one of your prospects has opened a certain number of emails, showing that they’re particularly interested in the content you’re sharing. If you track this, which is often done through lead scoring, you can manage your more promising leads in a different way to those who are far less active. An example of this is sending a personalised message, which may just be the final push an individual needs to actually convert.

Tactics of this nature can be effective in both technology marketing and law firm marketing, depending on a particular company or establishment’s unique business circumstances.


  1. Social Media for Technology Marketing & Law Firm Marketing

In both law firm digital marketing and technology marketing, social media can be an incredibly effective way for companies to reach their audience in an engaging, personal way.

Your target audience can directly interact with your brand, allowing for a more personal experience. This can leave a lasting impact, as prospects feel individually recognised and valued.

Social media also provides your brand with another platform to inform prospects. This means that they can get a better idea of the product or service you offer. In addition to this, you can further convey your expertise in your sector and establish yourself as a trusted, leading provider.

For more information about business to business marketing, technology marketing and/or law firm marketing, get in touch with a law firm digital marketing or technology marketing agency today.